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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh my gosh, can I get any bigger!

Okay I don't even know if I can find clothes to fit me anymore! Madison is in the home stretch; the picture of me in the red shirt is on April 16th I was 29 weeks and now I am 31 weeks in the blue. What a big difference 2 weeks can make. She is started to head down south a lot more too. Madison is still pretty active despite being cramped in her quarters. I guess I will just keep poking out more and more until she can't take it anymore being squished.

The baby furniture was delivered yesterday and one of the pieces was damaged and won't be able to be replaced until after the beginning of July. We just have to love living in the desert where it seems everything is always back ordered! At lease the crib is okay, we do need some where for her to sleep. . . . . I will post the room once we get it all set up! It may be awhile since I have not ordered the bedding yet. I am waiting on the trim to arrive (supposedly tomorrow) so we can match up paint colors. I am so impatient; I can't wait to see it all decorated.

Some wonderful ladies from Tony's old unit, 1st Tanks, threw a shower for Madison about a week ago. Madison has some beautiful clothes to wear now and of course some very cute baby things that I can't stop looking at in her room. She is already spoiled and I am most grateful for their generosity. It's all coming together. A dear friend is throwing a shower for us on May 20th, I am looking forward to seeing everyone that can attend. She is going to video tape it and send it to my mom, who sadly can't make it, so she can be as much apart of the experience.

Tony has been helping me but he is back to work these days. We are going to try and get some work done in the babies room this weekend during his off time. I will take it easy and listen to my body. I have cut back on lots of things because I was swelling really badly. I am also watching my sodium intake very closely. Living in the desert is a challenge, due to dehydration and the heat will make you swell pretty easily. But, I am taking all the necessary precautions. I won't let mother nature interfere with me being a mom!

Well until I grow more or until something exciting happens I will say keep in touch and we will too!

Love and miss everyone,
Erin and Madison