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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Slides and Yes I am a little behind.

I know it's really early in the morning here but I did get up even earlier; at 1am. I should be sleeping but I took some allergy medicine after breathing in all the dust from the circus tonight and the medication has woken me up. I slept about 4 hours, I should be good to go; NOT! Oh well, what can I do about it? Blog right? I should be doing laundry or something but I don't wanna! I have been blogging and making slides since 4am.
So, Our house is probably not going to sell and therefore we're beginning to wrap our minds around the possibility of renting it. We will have no choice in the end anyway. Only the future will tell what will happen with Congress, the economy, the election and so forth. I have a few more plants to get in the ground (plan to do that tomorrow, if I am not sleeping) in the front and then I will take some pictures of the out side of the house. It is really beautiful now, some of our friends have even commented about being jealous and needing to spruce up there curbsides too! We certainly can't take credit for it though. We only paid for it to look good!
Yes there are still a few things to do inside (grout in the bathroom, and closet guides in all the bedrooms), as well as, me unpacking and getting stuff stored again. Seems like a waste of time because we are moving soon but it's really not. It is no more work for me to pack it all back up again because next time someone else will do it. We are going to let the Marine Corps deal with all that headache; they will pay for moving and packing. I have this urge to get rid of some of our excess baggage anyway!

Well for the last 4 days Miss Madison has been rotten. So difficult, in fact that I made an appointment to see a pediatrician, but tonight the reason finally revealed itself. More teeth coming in! I don't really know how many she has because the little booger bites hard if you stick anything near her mouth. If it's food and she doesn't like it (which is everything), she spits it right back out. I find that with my finger though she won't let go until it thunders; just like a snapping turtle. So needless to say I just keep my fingers away from that little snapping turtles mouth! I am still going to take her to the appointment I made just to be sure nothing else is going on. . . .
We took her to the Carson & Barnes circus tonight and it's still over 100 degrees out here. It was pretty hot under the big tent. She got hot when we were standing in line but as usual she spit her water all over her shirt and that cooled her off! It was a 3-ring circus and it was so much better than the first one we took her to! They had Elephants, Camels, Poodles dogs, Horses and Ponies, and a petting zoo. . . .we did let her ride an elephant. That was amazing to say the least. Just from riding on it's back for about a minute you could feel how warm the animal was! We could have let her ride a Camel but it was time to find a good seat before they were all taken. I think we found some good one's for watching all the shows. It was hard to keep up with all that was going on, a top notch performance overall!

Last weekend we took Madi to Landers, CA and visited the Integratron. You can google it for more information but it was Tony's and Madi's first trip. Our friends Lindsey and Joey Buffamonte came with us (also their first time). It was my 4th time going but I wish we had booked a private tour it would have been more enjoyable for Tony. He didn't care for the "public soundbath" either, so he took the baby downstairs while the sounds were being played on the bowls. He conducted a self-guided tour for all the Science Fiction information regarding "The Dome". As he was doing this the baby helped herself to someone else's juice YUCK and everyone's shoes ALSO YUCK. I prayed she wouldn't get sick from the desert dwellers and foreigners looking for spiritual enlightment HA HA HA (and so far so good)! I have always wanted to take Tony to see it and I am glad he go to experience it before we leave CA this winter. . . . . .After wards we went to Pioneertown and had dinner at Pappy and Harriets then walked through the old movie set/town. We didn't realize the shows in Pioneertown didn't go on Sunday's anymore; so no show. Next, we thought we would go to Target and let the guys drive go-karts. So we dropped them off at Boomers and us gals headed across the lot to shop. The guys came and found us to tell us that Joey couldn't do the go-karts because he was wearing sandals. So we looked around a bit and then headed for home. We decided to stop at Sonic but that was a disaster from the beginning! Long story short, we waited for 45 min and I made two trips there that night because part of my order (the babies food) was missing! It was a long day of disappointments but it was enjoyed with good company! We all rolled with the punches; I can't wait to do it again soon~without all the bad parts.

Here are the pictures from our trip to Chuck E. Cheese in Oceanside too from my last blog. Enjoy!

okay well I am finally sleepy and the baby is waking up gotta go!