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Friday, July 06, 2007

Madison's Update!!!!!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update ya'll on Madison's progress. She is not "out of the weeds" yet, but she is showing major improvements!!! The Dr.'s found that because she was without blood supply and oxygen for so long that some of her major organs were damaged. With babies this is not the end of the world because they have the ability to heal, repair, and grow much quicker than adults. The liver suffered but during the monitoring it shows signs of healing on it's own. When you have a "gut" injury they do not want you to eat for 48hrs or so; to give the area time to heal. Today they let us feed her for the first time (and I got to do that myself!) and she did wonderful. She ate at 2pm and again at 6pm. We are going back tonight for the 11pm feeding. The love I feel when I feed her is so overwhelming. The only way to describe it is pure infatuation. The next step for her is to pass a few more hurtles and we won't know if there is any problems with her brain until later on as she starts to develop and mature. Her nurse told us today that she wants us (Tony and I) to start her discharge checklist. We may be coming home, all of us, by Tuesday next week; if the good Lord wills it!

The people at the hospital here have been wonderful and it was very convenient to stay near her. We were staying in an empty room one floor below the NICU, but we have moved to a house at the hospital called, The Fisher House. Our room is room 8, I have no idea what the telephone number is at the moment but the best way to reach us is still by cell phones. We may not be able to talk at the moment but we will call you back when we can. The house is not an elevator trip to see her anymore but it is the next best thing and we do have more privacy and few more comforts than a hospital room. Not that we were complaining; we are so grateful for everyone that has helped us. The Fisher house as email, so that's how I had a chance to update my blog. I have more pictures of our little angel but no way to publish them to the net yet. I will when I get the opportunity!

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for praying for her and for Tony and I. We would not have made it through such a rough situation without knowing we were loved and cared for by wonderful people. I know some of you called and offered to help in any way and just knowing that you would made such a difference in our will and strength to survive! Tony and I are taking care of each other and being strong for our beautiful daughter. I know after having a C-Section that I need to take it easy as well, so I can care for Madison when I bring her home. I am doing all I can to be healthy for her and I know I can't nurse her unless I do take care of myself!

Please continue to pray for Madison, your prayers for her survival and healing are being answered!

Love and we will be in touch,
The Davis Family

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Baby Madison

Dear Family and Friends,

While I am overjoyed at becoming a mommy July 3rd @ 8:20am, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our daughter was delivered via an emergency C-Section and then rushed to another hospital 3 hours from our house. Her heartbeat dropped suddenly from 150 bpm to the low 70's in about 20 minutes. The doctor's are not sure what caused this reaction but they wanted to give her the very best treatment possible. So, they flew her to the NICU at Naval Hospital Balboa, near San Diego. I, having just had major surgery, was unable to go and be with her. I was just released from the hospital here and Tony and I are on our way to be with her now. She is doing better with her breathing already but only time will tell if there is any other reasons for concern. The Dr.'s want to keep her for observation so they can rule out any neurological problems that would have caused this kind of reaction. I would just like to ask that everyone pray for our daughter that she will recover quickly and be even stronger so she can come home with us. I have yet to even hold her in my arms nor have I even seen her for more than a few minutes. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that God will heal her tiny body.

I don't know when I will the chance to write again, but I will update as frequently as possible.

Erin and Tony Davis