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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finally Blogging Again

Hi Everyone, I know it's been about a month since I last blogged. Sorry for the delay. We have been very busy with projects and growing babies and trips over the last few weeks. Baby Madison rolled over for the first time September 30th but the little stinker hasn't done it since. I know she can do it though because I saw her myself. I wanted to video tape it but I haven't gotten her to do it again. I think she is starting to cut teeth. Lots of drool and moments of sheer fussiness for no other apparent reason. She is going to be adorable with little teeth! Baby Madison is super smart, alert and so curious; she loves it when Mommy reads her mind. Her face lights up like the 4th of July as if she is saying, "she does understand me." She will be 4 mos old on November 6th. We have her check up scheduled and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't get to start with rice cereal. She is actually grabbing onto her little feet since Friday this week. She is definately a mover and a shaker. She is getting too big too fast. Guessing I would say she weighs about 14lbs. now. She is starting to get the chubs on her legs and her wrist and ankles look like someone tied them off with a rubber band. I love waking up to her in the mornings she is full of smiles and sweet noises. I just want to eat her up she is so yummy. We visited an apple farm at the end of September. We picked apples and fed the goats. I love the picture of her holding the basket but you can't see her face-she was looking down or daddy wasn't paying attention.

Tony ended up playing football for the base this year. His team was the Headquarters BN Bulldogs. I think the playoffs should be soon but he isn't going to make it due to work schedules. I took the baby and the dog to one of the games. The dog wore her Bulldogs jersey and the baby her Red Onsie. We had to support our daddy. He is number 45 in the pictures.

Well as I said we were very busy last week, she got to meet some of her relatives for the first time. Like her Grandpa, and Great Grandmother, Great Uncles and Aunts as well as her Uncles and Aunts on both sides of the family tree. I have to say for all the excitement she experienced; I couldn't have asked for a better baby. She saw new people and visited new places everyday, all day and handled it perfectly. She was absolutely perfect on her first plane rides there and back. On the day we were leaving she suddenly found her voice just before we boarded the plane. I think her new cutie pie friend, Lindley Warren (10 mos old), taught her that her voice could go louder. It was so cute but we were worried she would have the other travelers mad at us; we left at 7pm so it was quiet time for most them. She instinctively took her bottle and went to sleep after we took off. She's just an amazing little person. She can now check the box on airplane rides and helicopters! We all had a wonderful time on our whirlwind of a vacation. We got to see some relatives and friends that we hadn't seen in about 5 years. It was awesome to reminisce and catch up with everyone.

Many of you may not know but Tony is working towards resigning from the Marine Corps and he was able to get some networking in on this trip as well. We will most likely be returning to our beloved home state of GA but we do have to consider the pay. We are not opposed to relocating to another state if the money is right. Our dear friend Callie is already prospecting homes for us--she is a doll of person. Now we have the task of making the timing of this situation workout for us. I can't wait to make the 3 day trip with Baby Madison, Rosie and Lizzy the cats, and Bailey the dog. I am either totally crazy or a glutton for punishment but I happily look forward to the challenge. I guess anything to get of CA.

I have posted lots of pictures so feel free to browse. If there is a picture of you that you want removed just let me know and I apologize for any discomfort I may have caused you. Please keep in touch with me and pray for our family knowing ya'll are in our prayers here.

All the Davis girls and the only Man that will have us!