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Friday, November 14, 2008

A little over 2 weeks left here

Okay well I pulled out my calendar and was stunned to realize I am on a rapid countdown. I have a little over 2 weeks left, but with a big holiday included~time is running out! There is still so much I want to do; so I am trying really hard to fit it all in. I really don't want leave any loose ends untied and give Kharma any reason for sending me/us back here (hahaha). I really will miss all my friends that I am leaving behind; you guys are like extended family. But it is finally my turn to leave this place; I hope you all will be happy for me. I also thought it was about time I filled everyone in on the next month's plans. Tony has orders to report to MC3 (Maneuver Captains Career Course) in Fort Knox, KY on Jan 1st. We have plans for the Packers to come on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd; they will pick up our boxes on December 4th and we are leaving right after that. We have tentatively planned for a stop at the Grand Canyon, but with a 17 month old, a dog, 2 cats and a cranky husband (JK I LOVE U) it may have to be Nixed! I am just being a realist. We will be heading for GA to spend our time off with our family of whom we have not seen for Christmas in 3 years. Incidentally I am trying to find one of cats a new home and have been trying for a few months now. If anyone is willing to take her it would help us out tramendously. She is a very sweet natured cat and very good with little children. We are going to be living on base and we are one pet over limit. I can send you pictures of her if want and if you would like to come and meet her that would be fine too. ~ Anyway, back to the travel plans. I am not sure when Madison and I will be going to KY? I may wait until Tony checks-in, gets our house assigned and our property has been delivered. I know Madison's Grandparent's won't mind us staying a few extra days =). So, if you are in GA and want to get together we will be in Buford, and Big Canoe through out the month and some of January. I will also come see you Stephanie and Sharon; maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere ;) There is so much going on and if I have sent you an email asking for your address and you haven't sent it yet ~please do as soon as you can. If you have sent it ~Tanks and bunch! If you have not been contacted about it, don't worry I have your info already. We are all super excited about this next phase of our lives. I will also probably retire this blog and start a new. . .We're on a countdown!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twin Day

Okay today I got to see what it would have been like to have Twins. Madison got to play with Marti Lewis today and as you can see from the pictures great mom's think a like. We did not plan on dressing them in the same outfit but I almost died when she came around the corner. It was like looking at my daughter. Marti is only a few weeks younger than Madi, she is about an inch taller, but Madi has a good 2 lbs on her. They have the same color hair and when they wear the same clothes it is hard to tell them apart. I even got them to take a nap today in the same room at the same time; Madi's first sleep over LOL!!!

Marti is welcome any time Anne. Madison and Lizzy had soo much fun!

Halloween Pics~my pink poodle puppy!

I have always loved animals, puppies to be more exact! So this year it's no surprise that Madi would be a Pink Poodle Puppy for Halloween. My dreams came true, I got to hold and pet my daughter/puppy this year! We took our pumpkins over to the Douglas's House and then Madi played with Peyton. They ran around the driveway a million and one times; I was sure she would be a sleep before Trick-or-treating! We went onto base after the older kids carved the pumpkins . We walked the neighborhood with the Rummler's. I didn't get an photos of them because my camera battery died =(. Stacy got some of them kids in their costume though. I felt really bad too about her costume being so warm, it was 89 degrees for Halloween night. I know we live in the desert but it is usually really cold here on Oct. 31st. We came home and Madi still didn't want to let go of her Halloween Pumpkin and candy!

Isn't she the cutest Pink Poodle you have ever seen?