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Monday, February 02, 2009

Fort Knox: Tanks and Ice storms

So we finally are settled here at the Gold Vault in Fort Knox, Kentucky. It has been a real challenge because of the snow and ice storms that we have endured since moving here. The temperatures are rising to a melting point and all the power lines are thawing out. We had a few long days without power and lots of layering going on around here. At one point the baby and I evacuated to a recently acquired new friend. We had only met up once before the storm and we were invited to their home to spend the night. Tony had decided that it was time for him to send Madi and me to Georgia but when we got back home our power was on! It flittered out a few times but we are glad to have heat in our house again. My heart goes out to all those families that are without the comforts of home still. So the baby and I have been experiencing "Cabin Fever" and we have plans to attend a play date this week. Hopefully it will help her feel a bit better by playing with some kids her age. I am attaching some pictures from Christmas with the Davis family...

more to follow!

Christmas Morning, Day and Evening!

Santa Clause Came to town!

Daddy help me out

My new 4-wheeler

The biggest stocking ever!

She is all tuckered out and it's time for a nap. . .

After a long morning nap we got back to opening presents

Uncle Russell came to see us

Happy to be loved by you!

and Aunt Stacy

I finally got the hang of this opening presents now!

Now it's time to play!

Playing with my Pap-paw and Aunt Stacy