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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Babies 1st Easter and Update!

So here it is Babies First Easter! I can't believe it, she will be 9 mos old next Tuesday. She has 6 teeth (cutting them 3 at a time), she is crawling on all 4's and blessing our days with joy and happiness! Her favorite game is Peek-a-Boo, played with a blankie or some cloth covering her eyes. She will pull it off your face too for you to peek-a-boo her back; so cute! We got her 9 mos pics made two weeks early, with St. Patty's Day, and Easter being so close we just combined all three. We also got her Pic made that day with the Easter Bunny; she of course wouldn't smile for us. I swear she smiles and is happy, just not in any pictures that we pay for =)

On Saturday Madison was invited to Chuck E. Cheese's for her friend Parker's 2nd B-day. It was a big deal since it was Madison's first time to C.E.C's. Tony and I got lots of pictures and it seemed that Madison had a good time. She rode on the Bob the Builder ride, the Carousel, and a Barney Train thing. I got to play ski ball and Tony played some pin ball! We were pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. We were happy to be invited; thanks Parker!

Saturday night we decorated Easter Eggs at our house! I set the table up and we made sure to let Madison get in on the action. I had to help a little bit! I boiled 2 dozen eggs and only 3 cracked but we dyed them anyway. I hope Tony likes deviled eggs since he is the only one here that eats them LOL!! We had fun with Madison and she liked trying to eat the stickers; we liked putting them on her =). The Easter Bunny came the next morning and brought her a cute pink basket with a Tu-Tu wrapped around it that is detachable for future dress-up play. Inside the basket was a Disney Movie" The Aristocats", Pooh Bear Bubbles, her cute Purple Easter Dress with Bonnet, A peg stacker, a very sweet card, some white bunny ears to wear and some yellow bunny peeps! I would say the Easter Bunny was very good to her and he will be a big hit next year. We then went to Easter Service and to brunch afterward. This Mom liked that because I got to eat a variety of foods and it didn't create any work for me! It was so much food though and I ate too much. It made me so sleepy so when Madison took her nap I did too! Just before I put Madison down for the night we had an Egg hunt in the Living Room; she was ready for bed after that. I think she was just as tired as we are!

It has been busy and I am looking for a little down time. We are going to have a yardsale in the middle of April so I am preparing for that -no rest for the weary. . . .

I will update again soon!

Few More St. Patty's Pics

For your viewing pleasure I have a few more pics of the baby! Enjoy these were from Sunday as I apparently thought Sunday was St. Patty's Day. To the point of arguing with my mom (sorry) and convincing my husband that it was Monday already too! It was pretty funny but as Parents we didn't really plan on doing anything that day; it was just a good opportunity to take pics of Madison.
As if I need another excuse for that =). I just love that little baby. She has decided to cut three more teeth all at the same time. . . .Poor girl, she has her mama's all or nothing attitude.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoy the pics of the Wee Leprechaun!

Erin Go Bragh!

Hope a little luck of the Blarney Stone comes your way!