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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Aquarium of the Pacific

We took Miss Madison to see the Fishies on Saturday. We stared off by stopping half way and having Chick-Fil-A!!!! We live an hour away so it was a big deal. We got her picture with the Cow Man and she never even cried. She was just trying to figure out what it was?? If it had been me at her age the trip would have been over! We got to the Aquarium and she woke up so it was smooth sailing. She got to see all kinds of Ocean life forms and the Sea Lions were like big water dogs. She and I leaned over the Shark Tank to get a good look and she reached her hand out. Just as she did a Great White came up out of the water to get a better look too! The people standing around had been there for a bit and they were saying that was the first time that any of them had come out of the water. So it's official Madison is a yummy temptation. I have always told her she is gonna get eaten for being so sweet. I would have had to jump in the water and "Slap a Shark" if it came any closer to my baby's hand. Madison wasn't bothered; she was like make it come up again Lady. We got to see some baby stingrays too and they didn't want to come close enough to be touched by Madison. The workers said we could "pet" them with two fingers but Madison ignored that rule to "play in the water" with both hands. They had a baby tiger shark in there too. The lady in charge told us it didn't like to be petted and it wouldn't bother us. However, every time Madison put her hand in the water it would come really close so it must have liked our baby a bit more than the lady realized. She liked the fishes and different colored lights in the exhibits. We stayed about 2 and 1/2 hours and then it was time to turn around and head home. It was short lived but it was nice to do something different. Of Course I took many many pictures that day but when I uploaded them to my computer from my camera; I had a major fiasco! I named them and the computer numbered them the same as another folder in my pictures. I was trying to organize some of my pictures and when I tried to combine them together; my Aquarium pictures were over-written. The only pictures I could recover are the ones on the slide. Unfortunately, I could only get two pics with Dada in them back. I even had one of all three of us; but the overwriting distorted it too badly to see, along with some other great shots. I am just glad they weren't all lost and I learned a big lesson! Thankfully I married a computer Geek because if he wasn't here with me I wouldn't have even recovered the ones that you are viewing now! God I love my man! Although, we took some video I still wanted my pictures and we both worked on the long process for 7 hours yesterday into the wee hours of the morning! Needless to say I was hurtin' for certain when I had to get up with 4 hours of sleep. Okay well I will write again soon. . . . .

Duck Family

Sea Lions

Sea Lions Part Two


Baby Stingray's