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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Less than one Week to go!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take moment to update my blog one last time before Madison Sierra joins us at the Davis Estate (hehehe)! It has become impossible for me to do much of anything except wait. I tried to go walking but my feet hurt terribly from swelling so badly. The heat of the desert has been a challenge for me lately with the temperatures going into highs of 108 degrees. To me it feels like an inferno!
Tony and I are both feeling the strain of this pregnancy by now and it's becoming old routine. We are both on edge from excitement and anticipation of Madison's arrival. I have a Dr.'s appointment this Tuesday and I hope to hear some talk of relief pretty soon. I know she will come on her own time but even she can tell there is no more room for her to get bigger in there! I have never been a very patient person, I guess I am learning babies are gonna do things their way=)!

We will let everyone know once the joyous event happens until then take care and thank you for all your prayers and thoughts!

Uncomfortable in the desert,
Erin Davis and Madison Sierra