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Monday, July 14, 2008

Madison's First Birthday Party

Well we celebrated Madison's birthday with her friends on Saturday the 12th. (I know it was a week ago!!!! Sorry! We got a little busy. . . .) We invited them to Sunburst Park in Joshua Tree for a Poodle in Paris turns ONE party; they have a water Sprinkler and the kids had a blast! I wanted to make sure that there would be plenty of activities to keep them all busy since all her friends were different ages. From 5 weeks old all the way upto 10 years old. I also wanted to make sure I had a water feature and shade because I knew it would be hot. However, Mother Nature had her own idea of what she wanted the weather to be and it was perfect! I couldn't have gotten a nicer day if I had ordered it myself. We grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and ate watermelon, and birthday cake. My friends were so helpful too, but even then couldn't get me to relax and enjoy their company. . .I just felt like there was so much to do the entire time. I can see why people hire someone to do these events for them; Hey now there's an idea. I wonder if I could make any money at that. . . ? HA! Madison was such a trooper through it all, she missed her morning nap and then bless her heart she was so tired she didn't even pull off her crown! She normally pulls anything that's not tied around her neck off; poor thing! I feel like the day was a blur. . After the kids played and we ate lunch, it was time for PRESENTS! Madison got a Princess Gift set: with a purse, dress, and crown with wand, a Leap Frog Radio, a Leap Frog Farm Fridge magnets, a Baby Doll, a Care Bear, Little People SUV, a Shopping Cart with tons of food, some beautiful clothes and hairbows, a gift card, a Noah's Ark musical toy and a bath time toy from her wonderful friends. Tony and I got her a ball pit, Little People Circus set, books, a DVD ~"the Sword in the Stone", and a Tea Set. I found some poodle gift wrap and I wrapped everything in pinks and purples; I got a banner personalized with poodles on it. After the presents my friend Tricia brought the cake and we sang, "Happy Birthday", then we cut the cake! It was yummy, marble with buttercream icing mmmm; I will start my diet tomorrow =) After we left the park I thought for sure Miss Madison would take a nap in the car and be out for a while but NOPE; Not at all! My child stayed awake all day until 7:30 PM!!!!!! I was thoroughly impressed; but exhausted to say the least. When we got home and unloaded our loot and gear I let her get in the ball pit; she had a blast. Peaking out the windows and going in out of them too. I tried to explain that the big holes were for going in and out but she didn't seem to care. I am a blessed mommy to have this girl and I will always remember this day as perfect! However, I do have one regret (there is always a but with me). . .I must also apologize and beat myself up over the fact that we didn't video tape any of it!! We were both so overwhelmed with the festivities we forgot to even get out our video camera! We are horrible with that thing! I know I am being rough on us but we do need to get better about that. I mean wow, how much more of a milestone can you get and we both just dropped the ball on that one! Oh well, we got lots of photos to remember the day. And of course I will have a great time Scrapbooking the party later on, when I have a chance to. Sorry if you couldn't be here with us but I Hope you enjoy the party pictures!

I will blog again soon, we took her to get her ONE year pictures today so they will be on the website in the near future! Okay we'll see when I get to it =)

Love you all,
Erin Davis

busy mom of one!

Sesame Street

Sunny Day, Chasing the Clouds away, Okay well I know it's been a week since we saw this but I wanted to post it anyways. I took Madison to see Sesame Street on the base. It was a free USO preformance. The characters came out and talked about feelings that are related to missing your parents. It was really wonderful for our kids to hear from their favorite Character about something so personal for our families! Of course, Madison hasn't had to miss her Daddy for a deployment or long trip nor did she understand what was going on. We don't watch Elmo yet, we are into another channel of educational shows. She didn't seem to be upset with them, I did take her down to the stage to see them up close but we were too close to the speaker to hang around long. I also didn't get any great pics because my camera will only do one special function at a time. So I could adjust for the light but not the movement. Those little boogers wouldn't stay still long enough for my camera to focus without blurring them and making streaks. So the pictures you see are basically the best of the blurred ones. I know I am silly we have had our camera for almost 3 years and I still don't know how to use it. Tony would have been a big help with the camera but he wasn't feeling well and decided not to come. Okay well I have to post the Birthday Party, so that's it for this post. ..