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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone got my New Year card's! December came and went so fast; I wasn't able to send out Christmas Cards this year to anyone. We had a very quiet evening for New Year's Eve as we were still getting over our cold's, cough's and congestion's. I am still struggling to get rid of my symptom's. I hope you all are doing well this year!
So far, we have visited the Children's Discovery Museum, and Monkey Joe's (an indoor inflatables playground). Madison was pleased with both of those outings. She didn't want to leave the Museum, as expected, because it was so tactile & kid friendly. We did some experiments with colored water tubes, pretended to be Pirates, and finished up with some water coloring, or as she thinks, "Painting" ☺. We ended the day with a trip to the Mall in Wilmington. It has a two-story carousel and she was able to ride it 4 times! It was fun to see her pick out the animal she wanted to ride, and since it was so close to Christmas she picked out the reindeer. Monkey Joe's was a wonderful time for her to get worn out! In the beginning I had to help her climb up onto the larger inflatables. But by the time we left she was getting the idea on her own. She was so proud of her accomplishments and so was I. It gave me a chance to catch my breath! Lugging a 25 lb kid up an inflatable is hard work on a mama!!!
We are all getting prepared for Tony's departure; well as much as we can be. He is leaving us in about a week for a few weeks of training in Q-Va. After he is done with that he can officially deploy anytime. We still do not know have a hard date for when it will be only that we know it will be before March. I wouldn't be able to put dates on here anyway. When he is gone and gets me an address I will send it out to anyone that would want it. For now, we are playing the waiting game.
Madison is still enjoying her Parents Morning Out program, gymnastics and I started her in a Mommy and Me group last week. It was fun, and she had a great time. It's on base and each week is a different theme. The first week we went was all about Birthday's, they played party games, made party hats, ate a cupcake they decorated and had a story. Next week, is all about Pets. I am trying to get her exposed to something new with more of a crafty/art concept. She has become quite the little artists lately.
Well that's about all I can say for now. I just wanted everyone to know that you were not forgotten at Christmas. I just ran out of time for the cards ☺.
Stay Warm and I will report again soon! I will upload some photo's sometime this week so check back with me ;D