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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day and a Davis Family Update

I wanted to do a cute little Valentine's Day Post but during that time we had wind storms and our internet was down for a few days. I am finally getting a chance to play catch up! Our little Princess is getting her two front teeth; so that will make three total. She has one on the bottom already. There is not a lot of new things going on except we found out Tony is going to MC3 which is not in Monterrey, CA. He decided that he wanted to stay in Tanks for his Company Command and then apply for Post Naval Graduate School (in Monterrey, CA). I am not disappointed because I think we need a break from this state. We will be in KY for 5 months. I am also not sure when this move will take place; except to say, it will be in Summer 2008. Lately we have been busy with keeping the house cleaned for possible showings, so that is a little nerve racking. I hope to have a showing tomorrow in the early afternoon. We are also going to have a Caravan of Realtors in the next few weeks. Twentynine Palms is getting it's very own Casino so that will help the market in our area see a little boom. I am preparing mentally for the future. I know Tony will be with us for at least another year, but he will return to the fleet after MC3 and from there he can (and probably will) deploy again. So we will see what will happen after this election year; that could make a difference. Tony is busy with Mojave Vipers and I am busy with all things domestic. My part is becoming increasingly overwhelming. I am doing alright though; I have a positive attitude and change is good! I appreciate everyone's love, support, and prayers. Enjoy the pictures of MsD; she is growing up too fast for me! She now says, "mama" and "dada"; and yesterday I think she said, "bye bye!" She said mama first and then this weekend we all went hiking and she said dada for the first time. I can't make her stop LOL! She really is amazing. I hope we make it back East before her First Birthday in July 08; wherever we are it will be a special day!