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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sitting Pretty

Hey everyone,

Madison is 8 months old today and I thought I would share her newest accomplishment. I can sit her up and she doesn't lose her balance immediately! She can sit up but not put her self in a sitting position without assistance. I never thought kids/babies were that impressive; but when you see your own child growing and learning right before your eyes it's quite amazing. I also never thought my house would turn into "Romper Room" but what EV! Raising babies has changed my outlook on success; a great day for me is one that Madison stays happy, takes her naps and the Tooth Fairy doesn't cause her too much pain. So far so good on her Teething, she has one the bottom and two on the top, not fully in yet. She is getting two more on the top next to the one's in the middle, they haven't poked through the gums yet but I can feel them and see their outline. Poor little baby, ouch! Tylenol helps with most of it; but we use everything we can, Hyland's teething tablets, baby orajel, motrin etc. . . .She is learning to use those teeth already; she bit Tony the other day when she demanded 2 more oz of milk after finishing 8 oz. She was hungry! She won't let me see her teeth either; little Stinker! Baby food is going better as well; still having issues with orange flavors and strangely enough she loves Squash. . . . I don't know who she gets that one from? So she is just growing like a weed. We haven't tried to crawl so far but I am counting my blessings on that one; then I will really be in trouble!

Love you all and miss you, hope to hear from you soon!

Erin Davis and Madison the Magnificent Baby