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Sunday, September 02, 2007

9 weeks old Today

It's official I am a stay-at-home Mommy! I am so happy to be able to give Madison the love and attention she needs and deserves. We our starting to get into a great routine but we do enjoy the days when we have some errands to run. I can not believe Madison is 9 weeks old. It seems like we just brought her home with us a few weeks ago! She is becoming much more aware of her surroundings and making the sweetest cooing sounds, she smiles at everything. She is so curious, gonna be really smart! Lately she has decided that tummy time is the worst. Although she loves being held against our chests and she pushes up off of us. She is getting strong enough to hold her head up for a few minutes now too! I read her a story every night and she is asleep almost the minute I start. Madison has discovered her hands too. She looks at them up close and then watches them open and close. It's truly amazing to watch her learn a new activity. She is starting to understand that her actions cause a reaction; so cool. We are all having a blast with the joys only a family can bring.
Even the pets are getting in on the action. Friday was bath day for everyone; Mommy bathed Madison, Bailey, Rosie and Lizzy. I came out clean as a whistle (no scratches). I saved Lizzy for last; fearing that I would be scratched to pieces, however, she was only vocal with her displeasure. Bailey loves getting in the shower, every time one of us heads off to take one, she is ready to jump in. We have to tell her no sometimes just to take a shower for ourselves! Rosie was not very happy about getting a bath either but what cat is? She wasn't as upset about it as Lizzy was. I took all the 4 legged babies to the vet last week too, and Bailey weighed 46 lbs, Rosie was 10lbs, Lizzy was 9. I was quite surprised with the cat's weights, I knew Rosie was heavier than ever but I thought Lizzy would be much less than Rosie. Oh well you never can tell with cats!?.
Tony and I have enjoyed the past two months being parents and look forward to each new achievement as they develop. We are very much in love with our daughter; afterall, what's not to love about her? Enjoy the pictures we sure have fun taking them.

Leave us a message if you feel like it, just click on the comments tab and type away. The birthday girl is waking up again so I better go.

Love and miss ya'll,
Erin Davis