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Monday, July 07, 2008

Madison turns ONE and 1st 4th of July!

On July 3rd my little baby turned 1! We celebrated her birthday here at the house. I baked a small 6 in cake and decorated it with what else? A poodle of course. I hadn't decorated or made a cake in 3 years. I as you can imagine was not happy with the artistic portion of the cake but Tony told me it was pretty anyway. I just need to practice more. . .we'll see. We had dinner and then we let her open one of her gifts. It was a poodle-in-the-box and when you turn the handle it plays "Alouette", then Fifi the poodle jumps out; too cute. The Grandmother's called to wish her a very Happy Birthday; she won't remember it but I will write it down in her scrapbook so she will know. Then Tony gave her the cake. She needed no prodding what so ever! She dug right in and made a huge mess in about 5 minutes. There was cake and icing everywhere. . . she dropped most of it into her lap and when I undressed her there was even some down her shirt. I guess she was saving that bite for a snack later on! We were so excited to watch her and the cake, we forgot to light her candle and sing to her on the video! Both her grandma's sang Happy Birthday to her, so it was part of the day =)! Tony and I are having a party for her with her little friends this Saturday so we will make sure to sing and have the candle for that. We even forgot to take close up pictures of the poodle cake, but at least I did get some of it before she destroyed it!

Baby's First 4th of July! Okay so we all know her birthday is July 3rd but since she was in the hospital last her on the 4th of July (and we were on the road to get to her), we didn't get to celebrate that holiday. I decided that we would pretend that last year's 4th of July just didn't happen and this year would be her First! For this year we decided to do something new and attened the fireworks on base. It's funny we have lived here for almost 6 years and Tony and I have never went to the event on base. We lived so close when we were on base that we could watch them from our back yard so that's what we usually did. It was a fun new experience for the whole family! We met my friend Nancy and her kids there, Taylor, Jordan and Peyton (Madison's little boyfriend). Her older kids went to watch the show with their friends and Peyton and Madison played on the grass and had a good time. I was ready for the show to start because Madison is walking now and when you put her down she is just GONE in 60 seconds HA! She has no boundaries either, she will just walk up to anyone. So it was exhausting and she didn't seem to realize that "WE are her PEOPLE; and THEY are not your PEOPLE!" "Your people are over here; not over there!" Tony and I took turns on baby patrol. She was up late, about 2 hours past her bedtime so as soon as we put her in the car she was OUT! I was impressed that she stayed awake for every bit of it; even the walk back to car in her stroller she was wide eyed! She's like her mama; she loves being social and going out in public **Oh My! We also saw some of our friends and our daughter's were wearing the same outfit. Katelynn looked so adorable and they are about the same size so I always call them "the Twins" HAhaha. Too bad they moved; we will miss them.

Today we had her 1 year well baby check up and she is doing very well. She weighs 19 lbs. 11.1 oz, and is 28 inches tall, they measured her head and it was 44 cm. She is now walking and has a pretty big vocabulary for her age. Her Dr was impressed by all the things she could do. We did have a little decline in her weight gain, no doubt from all the walking she does. It is exhausting to watch her. She never rests for a second unless she is asleep! She got 4 shots today too, that part is never fun, she cried and screamed. I hate it just as much as she does. Glad that's over with and we won't have to go back until she 15 mos.

Look out for more updates; July is turning out to be a busy month. We are going to see Sesame Street tomorrow on the base! I can't wait to see what she thinks of the big yellow bird and Elmo?! So far she is not impressed or put off by characters but we will see. . . now that she is a little older. Tony and I are both looking forward to the show.

We'll keep you posted; hope your summer is going well!
Erin Davis