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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky

Hey everyone,

Today we took a short drive South on I-65 to a place called, "Dinosaur World". As we drove here from Georgia, it was a place I wanted to check out; seeing a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Interstate. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine went and investigated it with her family. She gave it, "two thumbs up" and since this was going to be the only nice day we will get this weekend we made the trip. I have to say it was a really neat thing to do with the baby and hubby; I was relieved that we all had a great time. I was the only one who had to pay to get in, but even I got a discounted rate ;-)! We walked through the museum, let Madi dig in the sand (she was not a fan AT ALL), saw the big dinosaurs as she howled, "Raaar" as fearsome as she could manage. I think her favorite part was walking around with us; not being strapped down in a stroller. Of course, my tip toeing girl fell down a few times. Hopefully, she will keep growing into her feet. She went on the playground but that didn't workout, because the equipment was too hot to play on. I found one swing in the shade, but she didn't stay on it for long either. Lately, her moods have been like a roller coaster. One minute we are happy and the next huge tears, kicking and screaming. We are on the last day for antibiotics to heal the current staph infection, so I imagine her crankiness was due in part to that. I am also 99% sure we are cutting two year molars as well and all at once we are asserting our independence. It is turning out to be quite a challenge for us all. Funny, I remember thinking to myself, the last time she had a staph infection, "Who is this child; where did my baby go?" I hope she returns to her even tempered nature soon for eveyone's sake. I would say today, over all she did quite well, we only had a few hysterical outburts. She was very tired after we let her walk (actually she ran most of it) around the display part once again. I was thinking (okay hoping) that she would pass out on the way home, but she found the strength to stay awake and fuss the whole way back. She is difinitly testing boundaries; becoming very strong willed. We are having trouble with her keeping her seatbelt straps around her shoulders now. She knows how to un do the harness. So, we look in the back seat and she is waiving her arms around, says, "Hey Mama, Hey Dada!" Little Monkey! I think it's time to introduce a "time out" from now on......dun dun dun. I will let you know how it goes ;-). Here is the problem: how do you have a time out while driving down the road? Let me know if you figure that one out?

By the way, I got a new camera and I am loving it! Tony and I are going to sell the old one on Ebay, but I am so excited to have a true Digital Single Lens Reflex Nikon now. It was time for an upgrade anyway, the old one was starting to be a hassle to use. Nothing wrong with it just noticing some flaws with the old style= Lag times between shots, how long it took to turn on and so on. . .I guess you could say the Easter Bunny knew what I wanted and brought it to me. . . . . only a day early. I think the pictures I have been taking with it are coming out phenominal! Of course, with Madison for a subject it's hard not to get a phenominal picture though....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009 and some exciting news. . . .

Easter was very good this year. My mom came up to spend the weekend with us for the first time since we moved to Kentucky. The original plan was that we were going to drive down to Georgia, but as it turned out my Dad wasn't able to be home for the holiday :(. He is going to be getting some time off the first weekend in May and we are going to drive down to spend the weekend with them then. Madison and my mom played, danced, sang, colored and read stories. It was great to see them spending time together. Madison decided at 6:30am on Easter Sunday that it was time to get up, but I convinced her to stay quiet until 7 or so. Tony and I got up and let her see her Easter Basket. Of course, Tony went back to bed and I stayed up to supervise. My mom, Madison and I enjoyed breakfast while watching Madi play with her new toys. We invited the Lopez's to join us for Easter Supper and Egg Hunting after church services. We let the kids color Easter Eggs and then Nicole and I hid them in an empty field by our house. After the eggs were found we let the kids chase bubbles. Everyone was so worn out from all the running around, but it was worth it to see the kids smile and laugh. Although, we missed our GA family, it turned out to be a good idea to stay home anyway, because the baby came up with another Staph Infection. We have been spending lots of time dealing with multiple soakings and a poor baby dealing with a painful boil. This time it wasn't on her toe. . .it was inside her diaper. I have never seen anything like it before. I was happy to have my mom around for her wisdom and moral support. I would have been a basket case without her by my side. Madison did have a great time visiting with her "Gammy" despite the pain from the infection. We have all been treated for the infection now, and hopefully once this clears up it will never come back to our house again! It looks much better now and it finally drained on it's own. I get to take her back to the doctor for a follow-up once we are done with the antibiotics.

So the exciting news is that this Davis Family is moving to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. I am a little overwhelmed by it all, thinking of a move coming up to a strange place, but I am ready to see what lies ahead....If you are in the area or close by it's not too early to start planning a visit, or heck drop in while we are here; we'd love to have you!

I'll keep you posted as more details trickle down. . .