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Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 2008 Update and 6 mos pics

I realized yesterday I haven' t taken any pics this year!! Can you believe it? Well, the last thing I photographed was a friends new baby. Welcome to the world Vanessa. . . So, then we all got a stomach virus and I just have had a hard time recovering. I also have started to workout regularly so with my goals changing I have neglected my gorgeous baby's photos sessions. We did get some of her at the park last weekend and I did a little photo shoot yesterday but she was sleepy and she was difficult. My friend is trying to convince me to send her close up to Gerber just to see what will happen. Who knows they may want a "serious" baby for something=) Just kidding! She is starting to smile more now, but as soon as she sees the camera it's, "no smiles for you"! Behaving like a true Diva, ya know. Anyway, we are all better and awaiting our news from the school Tony applied for. We may be moving to Monterrey, CA and we find out in Feb. if he got in. Otherwise, he is saying he will get out by the Fall. I have learned to not say much and not to get my hopes up either way. You never know with the Marine Corps and Tony is really no different. So until I am able to update again I leave you with the pics I have taken recently!

Enjoy and keep in touch.

Mom got her haircut, we went to the park, and I was caught messing with my swing!

Mom tried to take my picture but it was too close to my nap time. She got some cute ones though it just took awhile.

So mom also wanted to get some pictures of me in this adorable dress before it was too late! It finally fits me but it's too cold to wear it outside. Mom still thinks it's adorable though. . . . .looks like I am mad in some of them but I was just excited!