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Monday, December 24, 2007


My favorite picture, I love the red highlights!

These are the Holiday Pictures from Sears! Madison is not a big grinner yet, she just kept looking at us like okay when ever you do something funny I'll smile. So here we are, 3 adults, making a fool of themselves and this baby looking at us like "what are you doing?, If you were funny I would smile." It was funny! She was so serious but what a sweet face in the photos anyway. I of course know she can't take a bad picture, as any mother would think. I will post pictures of her opening her gifts after the holiday so check back in a few days. . . .


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Festivus from The Davis' and the restivus!

December 23 is officially Happy Festivus! A day for the airing of grievances to anyone you have a grievance with. . . . .

So for me it must be to all of you without kids that give those with kids dirty looks when I'm just trying to take mine out in public and feel normal for a bit. Kids make noise, and remember you were a kid once yourself!

Gear for kids is out of control it takes like 2 hours to prepare for a trip to the grocery store! By the time I get ready it's time to feed her again--Jeez!

Lastly, GAS PRICES!!! Need I say more?

Now for the FEATS OF STRENGTH; Remember Festivus doesn't end until someone is pinned. . . . .

Send your own Festivus Card to air your Greivances go to the link below,,38884,00.html

This was just for fun and I haven't blogged in a while so


Sunday, November 25, 2007

My first food

Happy Halloween and My 3 Month Pictures

I'm 3 mos old!

BETTER LATE THAN NOT AT ALL!!! Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finally Blogging Again

Hi Everyone, I know it's been about a month since I last blogged. Sorry for the delay. We have been very busy with projects and growing babies and trips over the last few weeks. Baby Madison rolled over for the first time September 30th but the little stinker hasn't done it since. I know she can do it though because I saw her myself. I wanted to video tape it but I haven't gotten her to do it again. I think she is starting to cut teeth. Lots of drool and moments of sheer fussiness for no other apparent reason. She is going to be adorable with little teeth! Baby Madison is super smart, alert and so curious; she loves it when Mommy reads her mind. Her face lights up like the 4th of July as if she is saying, "she does understand me." She will be 4 mos old on November 6th. We have her check up scheduled and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't get to start with rice cereal. She is actually grabbing onto her little feet since Friday this week. She is definately a mover and a shaker. She is getting too big too fast. Guessing I would say she weighs about 14lbs. now. She is starting to get the chubs on her legs and her wrist and ankles look like someone tied them off with a rubber band. I love waking up to her in the mornings she is full of smiles and sweet noises. I just want to eat her up she is so yummy. We visited an apple farm at the end of September. We picked apples and fed the goats. I love the picture of her holding the basket but you can't see her face-she was looking down or daddy wasn't paying attention.

Tony ended up playing football for the base this year. His team was the Headquarters BN Bulldogs. I think the playoffs should be soon but he isn't going to make it due to work schedules. I took the baby and the dog to one of the games. The dog wore her Bulldogs jersey and the baby her Red Onsie. We had to support our daddy. He is number 45 in the pictures.

Well as I said we were very busy last week, she got to meet some of her relatives for the first time. Like her Grandpa, and Great Grandmother, Great Uncles and Aunts as well as her Uncles and Aunts on both sides of the family tree. I have to say for all the excitement she experienced; I couldn't have asked for a better baby. She saw new people and visited new places everyday, all day and handled it perfectly. She was absolutely perfect on her first plane rides there and back. On the day we were leaving she suddenly found her voice just before we boarded the plane. I think her new cutie pie friend, Lindley Warren (10 mos old), taught her that her voice could go louder. It was so cute but we were worried she would have the other travelers mad at us; we left at 7pm so it was quiet time for most them. She instinctively took her bottle and went to sleep after we took off. She's just an amazing little person. She can now check the box on airplane rides and helicopters! We all had a wonderful time on our whirlwind of a vacation. We got to see some relatives and friends that we hadn't seen in about 5 years. It was awesome to reminisce and catch up with everyone.

Many of you may not know but Tony is working towards resigning from the Marine Corps and he was able to get some networking in on this trip as well. We will most likely be returning to our beloved home state of GA but we do have to consider the pay. We are not opposed to relocating to another state if the money is right. Our dear friend Callie is already prospecting homes for us--she is a doll of person. Now we have the task of making the timing of this situation workout for us. I can't wait to make the 3 day trip with Baby Madison, Rosie and Lizzy the cats, and Bailey the dog. I am either totally crazy or a glutton for punishment but I happily look forward to the challenge. I guess anything to get of CA.

I have posted lots of pictures so feel free to browse. If there is a picture of you that you want removed just let me know and I apologize for any discomfort I may have caused you. Please keep in touch with me and pray for our family knowing ya'll are in our prayers here.

All the Davis girls and the only Man that will have us!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

9 weeks old Today

It's official I am a stay-at-home Mommy! I am so happy to be able to give Madison the love and attention she needs and deserves. We our starting to get into a great routine but we do enjoy the days when we have some errands to run. I can not believe Madison is 9 weeks old. It seems like we just brought her home with us a few weeks ago! She is becoming much more aware of her surroundings and making the sweetest cooing sounds, she smiles at everything. She is so curious, gonna be really smart! Lately she has decided that tummy time is the worst. Although she loves being held against our chests and she pushes up off of us. She is getting strong enough to hold her head up for a few minutes now too! I read her a story every night and she is asleep almost the minute I start. Madison has discovered her hands too. She looks at them up close and then watches them open and close. It's truly amazing to watch her learn a new activity. She is starting to understand that her actions cause a reaction; so cool. We are all having a blast with the joys only a family can bring.
Even the pets are getting in on the action. Friday was bath day for everyone; Mommy bathed Madison, Bailey, Rosie and Lizzy. I came out clean as a whistle (no scratches). I saved Lizzy for last; fearing that I would be scratched to pieces, however, she was only vocal with her displeasure. Bailey loves getting in the shower, every time one of us heads off to take one, she is ready to jump in. We have to tell her no sometimes just to take a shower for ourselves! Rosie was not very happy about getting a bath either but what cat is? She wasn't as upset about it as Lizzy was. I took all the 4 legged babies to the vet last week too, and Bailey weighed 46 lbs, Rosie was 10lbs, Lizzy was 9. I was quite surprised with the cat's weights, I knew Rosie was heavier than ever but I thought Lizzy would be much less than Rosie. Oh well you never can tell with cats!?.
Tony and I have enjoyed the past two months being parents and look forward to each new achievement as they develop. We are very much in love with our daughter; afterall, what's not to love about her? Enjoy the pictures we sure have fun taking them.

Leave us a message if you feel like it, just click on the comments tab and type away. The birthday girl is waking up again so I better go.

Love and miss ya'll,
Erin Davis

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Madi Pics upto 7weeks old now!

This was 3 days ago, I could not catch her smiling on camera but then. . . . .

I got her! The one above I got when she first woke up; but now she is smiling all the time, my cutie patootie!

I am a happy baby!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You from the Bottom to the Top of our Hearts!

Hey there Everyone,

Just wanted to post some cute pictures of the baby for ya'll. We are kind of tied up with family visits for the next few weeks. Mommy and Daddy are getting a little bit of a break to rest. Madison is getting to know her grandparents and she is loving every minute of it (and so are they)!
I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone for praying for her and our family these past few weeks. The flowers, cards, gifts and offers to help have been so kind. Even though we are several hundred miles away from most of you it really helped to know you cared. The advice and warm wishes have helped Tony and I be able to take each day in stride. Our daughter is so lucky to be so loved by people she doesn't even know; I regret I can't give each of you a great big hug. Know that we are all so appreciative.
Enjoy the pictures, if I can I will try add some video. Although, you may get a little motion sickness, I am not so steady with the video camera. . .

The Davis Family

Monday, July 09, 2007

She is 6 days old and finally home safe and sound!

Hello Everyone,

We were discharged from Balboa NICU a day early!!!! She has shown no signs of seizures and her liver and gut have improved. She is eating like a hungry little baby now! She had no more neurological events except the one from being revived right after delivery. The Dr's are just going to have her followed as high risk which we don't mind at all, it's better to be safe than sorry! Last night was the best night of my life even though I didn't sleep a wink. I just wanted to watch her to make sure she was alright. She is having a little trouble with sleeping in a new place and I am sure missing all the beeping noises that she has gotten used to hearing in the NICU.
Other than just being tired mommy is doing fine now, healing from the C-section everyday and now adjusting to Madison's demands (but darn happy to be able to care for my baby finally). She is even more adorable as each day passes and she becomes more aware of her surroundings.
I guess I should explain a little of what happened since we were crunched for time when I asked for everyone's prayers. Don't worry I will spare the graphic details. So I started labor at 3am on July 3rd but my contractions were really strange. I wasn't having pain all over; just pain in the birth canal area , so we thought I may be dilating but the cramping was strong from the very beginning. Also, the cramps only lasted for about 45 seconds and then they were very spiratic when they would happen 12 min, 15 min, 8 min, 2 min, and then back to 10 min. So, Tony and I consulted "the books" and we both agreed it was false labor. The only issue was the pain was getting to the point of intolerable. I knew if I went to the hospital too early they wouldn't keep me but I felt I needed some relief. Tony drove me to the hospital and on the way there the pains regulated to about 4 min apart. We arrived at 7am and told the Labor and Delivery Dr what was going on and they started fetal monitoring. About 20 min. later my water broke so they admitted me and told me I was only dilated to a 2. The babies heart rate was normal and in the 150 range, we switched to a labor room and I was anxious to get some relief. The pains were still coming but now were getting to be intolerable; the corpsman tried to get an IV in me several times but I was swollen so much they kept loosing my vein. Another 20 min. lap and a lady( I later found out was a midwife) comes running into the room and pushes the baby back up as far as she can and tells us that the heart dropped and she needed to move me around to help the baby. At this point the organs are being deprived of blood and oxygen. The midwife could not feel the cord, so the team of experts went through everything they knew how to do. In the mean time, my Dr is on her way but hasn't shown up yet. I still have only dilated to a 2, so they team decide the next thing to do is prep me for a C-Section so that when my Dr arrives all she has to do it cut the baby out. I don't know for sure how long she was in distress but she was born at 8:20 am and we are so lucky the people reacted the way they did. My Dr. said everything looked normal when she delivered her and the cord wasn't pinched or tied in knots, nor did it look like the placenta was seperating from the uteran wall.
We may never know what was going on with her but everyone that was working will never forget her arrival. Even though the midwife was killing me because I had no pain medicine I am so thankful she was there and had the courage to react the way she did. Here is this perfect pregnancy, with minimal difficulties and the sheer fear that washed over all of us for her arrival was a nightmare. Now that we have her home she is the sweetest dream come true.
Tony and I so grateful to everyone for praying for her we were all in a really scary situation. Her improvements are so remarkable. All the nurses in the NICU were impressed with her ability to recover and saying how they couldn't believe she is the same baby that was admitted just 5 days ago. Madison was lucky to have those angels taking care of her and they all wanted to keep her because she was so good. They liked that they could love on her because she was big enough. Mostly all the babies we saw were preemies. I don't think I could take seeing another baby in the NICU, it was heart wrenching to look around at all the little ones fighting to keep weight on so they could go home too.
Enjoy the pictures of Madison and please feel free to call or stop by we can't wait to show off our precious gem!

The Davis family

Friday, July 06, 2007

Madison's Update!!!!!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update ya'll on Madison's progress. She is not "out of the weeds" yet, but she is showing major improvements!!! The Dr.'s found that because she was without blood supply and oxygen for so long that some of her major organs were damaged. With babies this is not the end of the world because they have the ability to heal, repair, and grow much quicker than adults. The liver suffered but during the monitoring it shows signs of healing on it's own. When you have a "gut" injury they do not want you to eat for 48hrs or so; to give the area time to heal. Today they let us feed her for the first time (and I got to do that myself!) and she did wonderful. She ate at 2pm and again at 6pm. We are going back tonight for the 11pm feeding. The love I feel when I feed her is so overwhelming. The only way to describe it is pure infatuation. The next step for her is to pass a few more hurtles and we won't know if there is any problems with her brain until later on as she starts to develop and mature. Her nurse told us today that she wants us (Tony and I) to start her discharge checklist. We may be coming home, all of us, by Tuesday next week; if the good Lord wills it!

The people at the hospital here have been wonderful and it was very convenient to stay near her. We were staying in an empty room one floor below the NICU, but we have moved to a house at the hospital called, The Fisher House. Our room is room 8, I have no idea what the telephone number is at the moment but the best way to reach us is still by cell phones. We may not be able to talk at the moment but we will call you back when we can. The house is not an elevator trip to see her anymore but it is the next best thing and we do have more privacy and few more comforts than a hospital room. Not that we were complaining; we are so grateful for everyone that has helped us. The Fisher house as email, so that's how I had a chance to update my blog. I have more pictures of our little angel but no way to publish them to the net yet. I will when I get the opportunity!

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for praying for her and for Tony and I. We would not have made it through such a rough situation without knowing we were loved and cared for by wonderful people. I know some of you called and offered to help in any way and just knowing that you would made such a difference in our will and strength to survive! Tony and I are taking care of each other and being strong for our beautiful daughter. I know after having a C-Section that I need to take it easy as well, so I can care for Madison when I bring her home. I am doing all I can to be healthy for her and I know I can't nurse her unless I do take care of myself!

Please continue to pray for Madison, your prayers for her survival and healing are being answered!

Love and we will be in touch,
The Davis Family

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Baby Madison

Dear Family and Friends,

While I am overjoyed at becoming a mommy July 3rd @ 8:20am, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our daughter was delivered via an emergency C-Section and then rushed to another hospital 3 hours from our house. Her heartbeat dropped suddenly from 150 bpm to the low 70's in about 20 minutes. The doctor's are not sure what caused this reaction but they wanted to give her the very best treatment possible. So, they flew her to the NICU at Naval Hospital Balboa, near San Diego. I, having just had major surgery, was unable to go and be with her. I was just released from the hospital here and Tony and I are on our way to be with her now. She is doing better with her breathing already but only time will tell if there is any other reasons for concern. The Dr.'s want to keep her for observation so they can rule out any neurological problems that would have caused this kind of reaction. I would just like to ask that everyone pray for our daughter that she will recover quickly and be even stronger so she can come home with us. I have yet to even hold her in my arms nor have I even seen her for more than a few minutes. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that God will heal her tiny body.

I don't know when I will the chance to write again, but I will update as frequently as possible.

Erin and Tony Davis

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Less than one Week to go!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to take moment to update my blog one last time before Madison Sierra joins us at the Davis Estate (hehehe)! It has become impossible for me to do much of anything except wait. I tried to go walking but my feet hurt terribly from swelling so badly. The heat of the desert has been a challenge for me lately with the temperatures going into highs of 108 degrees. To me it feels like an inferno!
Tony and I are both feeling the strain of this pregnancy by now and it's becoming old routine. We are both on edge from excitement and anticipation of Madison's arrival. I have a Dr.'s appointment this Tuesday and I hope to hear some talk of relief pretty soon. I know she will come on her own time but even she can tell there is no more room for her to get bigger in there! I have never been a very patient person, I guess I am learning babies are gonna do things their way=)!

We will let everyone know once the joyous event happens until then take care and thank you for all your prayers and thoughts!

Uncomfortable in the desert,
Erin Davis and Madison Sierra

Sunday, June 10, 2007

May Baby Shower and Nursery Pictures

I thought I would put up some pictures of the "Tres Chic" baby shower I had last month. It was alot of fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone that came. I missed the ones who weren't able to be there, like my mom of course. My friend recorded it though and I was able to send it to my mom in GA, which was the next best thing. As you can see the cake was darling with a pink poodle dog--mmm so yummy! We played the toilet paper sheets around mommies tummy game and it took 11 sheets to go around me and Madison. I don't even want to think about how many it would take to go around us now at 36 weeks! We played the nursery character game, and "Don't Say BABY" clothespin game and the funny Lapseat GAME! It was a fun day. I still have to get my Thank you notes mailed out too. . . .working on it they came out very cute!

I finally got the energy to start Nesting as well! I didn't realize the urge would be so severe. . . .and neither did Tony. Poor guy, I am sure he is glad that we finally got the nursery complete enough that I'm not nagging him to, "put this here, no I liked it better there;" "could you do it now." I am sure I was a Bear to deal with. Sorry HUNNY! He was so patient with me and he has been throughout this life changing experience. He is truly excited about being a father but by the 4th piece of baby gear and set of directions he was over being a handyman. We also found everything we buy from now on will some kind of batteries---what a scam=)! It has all been worth it though and look what we have to show for it so far. . . .Madison Sierra's Nursery is adorable! I also added in some photos of SuperDad putting together a swing/bouncer combo.

Enjoy for now and I will update again soon,
Erin and Madison

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh my gosh, can I get any bigger!

Okay I don't even know if I can find clothes to fit me anymore! Madison is in the home stretch; the picture of me in the red shirt is on April 16th I was 29 weeks and now I am 31 weeks in the blue. What a big difference 2 weeks can make. She is started to head down south a lot more too. Madison is still pretty active despite being cramped in her quarters. I guess I will just keep poking out more and more until she can't take it anymore being squished.

The baby furniture was delivered yesterday and one of the pieces was damaged and won't be able to be replaced until after the beginning of July. We just have to love living in the desert where it seems everything is always back ordered! At lease the crib is okay, we do need some where for her to sleep. . . . . I will post the room once we get it all set up! It may be awhile since I have not ordered the bedding yet. I am waiting on the trim to arrive (supposedly tomorrow) so we can match up paint colors. I am so impatient; I can't wait to see it all decorated.

Some wonderful ladies from Tony's old unit, 1st Tanks, threw a shower for Madison about a week ago. Madison has some beautiful clothes to wear now and of course some very cute baby things that I can't stop looking at in her room. She is already spoiled and I am most grateful for their generosity. It's all coming together. A dear friend is throwing a shower for us on May 20th, I am looking forward to seeing everyone that can attend. She is going to video tape it and send it to my mom, who sadly can't make it, so she can be as much apart of the experience.

Tony has been helping me but he is back to work these days. We are going to try and get some work done in the babies room this weekend during his off time. I will take it easy and listen to my body. I have cut back on lots of things because I was swelling really badly. I am also watching my sodium intake very closely. Living in the desert is a challenge, due to dehydration and the heat will make you swell pretty easily. But, I am taking all the necessary precautions. I won't let mother nature interfere with me being a mom!

Well until I grow more or until something exciting happens I will say keep in touch and we will too!

Love and miss everyone,
Erin and Madison

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wow we are getting BIG!

I just realized it's been awhile since you all have heard from us. Not much really to report except I am huge! The outfit I am wearing with the white and blue stripes no longer fits me, that was about 2 weeks ago. I had to get bigger pants just this past weekend. Madison is very active despite there being no room for her in my tummy. Eating is becoming a real challenge. My mouth is willing to put it in, but there is no room in my belly for it once it's there!!! I never knew how hard it is for a pregnant woman to bend over. . .I have almost given up tying my own shoes and taking them off is nearly impossible. I am at the 10 week mark starting today. It's literally like I woke up overnight and had grown several inches!
Tony and I decided to paint the babies room after all, we started that today. I will post some pictures once the project is complete. It should be really cute, we decided to go with a pink poodle theme. I can't wait to see Tony with a pink stroller, now that's what I call HOT!
The pets are getting very antsy too. They are all wondering why they can't lay all over me anymore. I get the feeling like they will be happy when my belly goes back down. I must say I will be happy too but sad to not feel Madison moving inside me.

Well I will post more as the news unfolds or gets bigger!
Erin and Madison

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Peanut has turned out to be a Princess!

Yes that's right we will be having a baby girl! She was very modest at first but we finally got a good look and we are 99% sure. After all the pictures were taken we got to keep one of the face and one from "between the legs". She weighs 1lb and 1oz so far and the due date is checking in around July 4th, due to size and weight. She was napping head down in the fetal position right in the middle of my torso, so her legs are at the top of my tummy. At one point she was sucking her thumb but for the most part just hanging around in there having little baby dreams. How funny to think she was completely unaware her parents and some ultrasound tech were spying on her. . . I'm sure she will be as smart as her dad is though, because by the end she was looking back at us! As far as we could tell from all of our vast medical training (which is zero) she is healthy, at least the Dr wasn't called in to discuss anything. I have an appointment in a few weeks for the results, so everything is progressing as it should be! We will let you know what we decide to name her but for now we are just calling her "Princess Peanut"!

We love you all,

Davis' of the Desert

Sunday, February 11, 2007

20 weeks, half way to D-Day

Hi everyone,
We are finally out of the 1st trimester and out of the "danger zone", so to speak. I have been sick, here and there, but not like I was a few months ago. Check out my belly! Now there's a new idea of "Baby Phat", right? I am finally getting some energy again. This working full time and growing a person in me is exhausting. Tony is so excited and amazed that we are going to have a baby in few months. It will be such an adjustment to our lives, but we can't wait.
We are going on Feb. 22nd for our second ultrasound. I can't wait to see the baby again and get assured that everything is fine. Lots of people are thinking it will be a boy. Tony is hoping for a boy and I think my mom and his mom are too. I hope the baby is healthy and that I have been a good host for it! I am feeling Peanut move around now, but it took a long time because I had no idea if it was that or just my stomach settling. Which is surprising because our first ultrasound showed a very active baby. I had a check up a few weeks ago and my Dr. listened to the baby's heartbeat and it seems the baby is loving my lower left side. I will let you know how it goes on the 22nd. Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!

Love Erin and Peanut