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Friday, March 27, 2009

Life in Kentucky

Per your request I will throw a dog a bone......LOL, so lately things have been pretty mellow. I am going to insert some pictures in a slide at the end of this post to get the blog caught up to this point......Kentucky is definitely a change of pace for me and my family. Tony is busy, as usual, with work and doing well in school. He emailed the monitor for orders again last week; we still have no clue as to which coast we will be on after class graduation on June 10th. We were bummed to hear that one of our favorite parks (Otter Creek) was closed down due to budget cuts... No federal or state funding for it, so sad and thanks Mr. Obama! Tony and I loved to hike at that park when we were here 6 years ago. I never got any pictures of it, because we didn't have a camera then, but it holds fond memories for me. We did get renters in our house mid January and so far, it seems to be working out; they aren't complaining. It sure does help pay the bills! Speaking of that we got our taxes done and we are a little closer to our goals now; so that helps take some stress off our backs. I have been doing my best to keep Madison entertained indoors, because the weather has been so hard to judge here (lots of rain now). At least in 29 Palms I could always count on a sunny day! Today, we were going to take a trip to the zoo, but it was too cold and over cast outside. Since a zoo is mostly outdoors we opted not to go. The good news is: that zoo isn't going anywhere and we have until June to see it; so that's that. Madison and I have been feeling cooped up in the house alot, though. Kentucky is strange for this time of year; during March I suppose. It usually gets really warm outside around 5pm; to me that's unusual but not uncommon here. So all day long you want to curl up in warm clothes and then about dinner time you want to break out your shorts and flip flops. Being inside all the time has made for some long days. I know once we get into April and May it will be much better. At least we are done with snow here! We are slowly making some great friends; so that will help to pass the time. I have started running/walking 5 days a week on my treadmill and so far I am feeling pretty good. I started out slow and built up to alternating a 4 min run and 4 min walk....I hope to increase next week. Always room for improvement; I still have about 10 lbs of baby weight I want to get rid of......I can at least go for an hour now and in May I plan on participating in a Spouses' Spur Ride put on by the 16th Cavalry Regiment (the Army). Apparently, after your first Spur Ride you are awarded Silver spurs and after a 2nd one you are awarded Golden Spurs ~oooooo.. So Tony will get the day off to babysit and cheer me on. We will have to do 4 parts. So I am glad I have been working out and will now have a good reason to keep it up and represent the Marine Corps Wives. The Army Wives are pretty tough though; should be fun! Madison is doing pretty well, she had a nasty staff infection that is slowly healing ~I know it's been over a month already. Now her toenail looks like it will fall off; pretty gross! It doesn't seem to be bothering her anymore though. She has been enjoying a playgroup on base and there are some fun things coming up soon. There is an Egg Hunt sometime at the end of this month. This base also has an indoor pool, so I am going to try and take her to it sometime soon. She loves bath time so I am sure the pool here will be a big hit! Nice that the weather doesn't effect that ;D. Her vocabulary is getting larger and she tries to say everything. She is like a little sponge absorbing it all. The pets are doing well. Rosie got the wire off her jaw and hasn't had anymore accidents~knock on wood (yes, she was peeing on things). I thought she was mad about something, so we got her a scracthing post; she seems to be happier now. Bailey got a fence and hasn't had anymore accidents in the house either; now we have issues with shedding and mud! Our backyard is like a swamp so she needs a bath everytime she comes indoors...I try to keep her fur cleaned up but it becomes magnetized to the floor~pretty frustrating. I got a floormate the other day so I am hoping it will help. Everyone seems to be happy and healthy here; mostly for now we are just hanging in there while Daddy does his school thing. Trying to make the best of it while we are here. I will hopefully get this blog caught up and be able to manage it better in the that it's linked to my facebook page. Enjoy the pics but be warned there are tons to look through......I hope to be caught up now and not post so many to look through at once ~sorry~

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**We are all settled in now, so if you wanna come visit; we'll leave the light on for ya!