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Saturday, May 10, 2008

She's 10 months and Cruising!

Yep my little angel had no sooner learned to crawl on all fours when all of a sudden she had to start pulling up (ON EVERYTHING) and creeping around! The books call this "cruising"; she loves to stand! You can't put her in the floor without getting down there with her. She just won't stand for it. She starts crying and fussing if you try . . . .not so easy anymore. My activities are properly planned around her awake times. It goes a little like this: 5:30am-7am Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey, Breakfast between 7am and 8am, Play Play Play, Nappy around 9am (Sweet Sleep) until 11am or 12pm, Lunch, more Play Play Play, Nappy #2 about 2pm until 4pm or so, 5pm Dinner, Play Play Play, 7pm or so, Nite Nite. I try and get her to stay asleep until 7am but lately the Sun is kicking my butt; if the sun is up she thinks she has to be up with it! Today she woke me at 5:50am so I decided she would go yardsaling with me. I try to do my cleaning and working out during her two long nap times; they are a blessing to me (I know they will fade here pretty soon). She sure does need them too; she is a cranky little booger when that time approaches. She is a funny little girl the first thing she communicated with me was to shake her head NO. You could ask her anything and the answer was a forceful head shake NO! "Madison is your name Madison?" Her reply is a forceful head shake NO! But after many long months of showing her sign language, I am very happy to announce that she made her first sign last Sunday (the first of many; I hope). She smiled, waived and said something that sounded like hi! Then on Thursday she made the sign for Milks; Saturday night she made the sign for Eat! It is a great feeling that she is learning something so valuable from me. We will be understanding each other so much better now! I found her about a week later standing on her own for 3-5 secs, and then promptly hitting the ground on her bottom. I don't care what anyone else thinks; after the 3rd time it's gotta sting a little. That's all I can think of that's new for now but I have some pictures posted here of the things we have done since the last update.

We went to an awesome streetbike and motocross stunt show on base. The Riders were amazing and they were so awesome to the Marines and Families. They gave away prizes and signed anything and everything you would want autographed! It was amazing the stuff they were doing. The first set of jumpers were "Riders for Christ" and the street bike guys were famous from the Speed Channel. I don't know their names though. The Motocross flips in midair the Streetbike surfing; absolutely awesome! Afterwards we met with a friend of mine that I have not seen in 4 years and had dinner with her and the fam! It was awesome to see them and meet her children. It was a long day but Baby Madison was such a trooper through it all. . .

These are some great photos of our playgroup friends: Peachy and Jane; Katelynn and Jenn; and Madison and Me. We try and meet with them once a week. They are a great bunch of ladies and babies and it's a wonderful way to socialize for both Madison and Mommy! Thanks to Aunt Shelly Madison's pink car is always a hit with the kids too. No matter what age they love going in the car and being pushed "faster" and "faster". It's so popular Miss Katelynn is getting one after she has her tubes put in her ears. Her mom thinks the car will be a wonderful treat after the scary ordeal.

Tony and I threw a last minute BBQ. The first of the Season. Some friends came over, the Mcbrooms and the wives (me, and Monica) played with the baby and cooked. Lindsey and Joey Buffamonte, showed up later with her friend she traveled with. It was fun just getting together and hanging out. A few weeks later we met up with the "Buff's" for a little relaxing poolside. We took Baby Madison to the big pool for the first time. She had a blast! We dunked her underwater and she didn't cry, or drown. I was so impressed with her. She had a good time splashing around and driving her little water car. The pool had a timed sprinkler and I ran through it with her. The water was freezing but I sucked it up for my baby! Tony just wanted to get a tan but he was beet red by that night. Sunscreen babe? Miss Madison was just as white as the day I had her; good job parents, good job!

We hung out with The Sutton and Douglas Families for Cinco De Mayo. We had Mexican food and a few Mexican Beers to celebrate. The Baby was enjoying herself and spending a little time in the ball pit (we gotta get one of those)! I got a stomach bug the very next day and have been sick ever since. It wasn't from the food I ate because no one else got sick. . . .Probably from some baby germs that my sweet daughter shared with me; I am just glad the worst is over!

Today was pretty hot and we are trying to be conservative with the air conditioning. The desert is a really expensive place to live for electricity. To beat the heat I got a pool for the baby to cool off in. She had a such a good time! Even though the water was super cold to begin with, the patio concrete heated it up after a quick dip. I put my feet in the water and that helped to cool me off too!

When I was out yardsaling today I bought the husband an RC Monster Truck. The gal I bought it from said she got it to chase her dogs around with for them to get some excercise. She said her dogs didn't budge so she was getting rid of it. I did get it for Tony but we decided to see if our dog would "chase after it"! She loved it! She was hopping after it like a gazelle. Too bad it broke after 10 minutes of play time. The best $40 dollars I spent at a yard sale. . .well that's not true; but it was fun while it lasted!

We love and miss you and hope to hear from you soon. She will be 11 months in one more week. We have decided to stay in CA for her birthday and she will have a Chuck E. Cheese party on the 5th or probably the 12th. We will let her dive into a cake on the 3rd so she won't have to do that a Chuckies!

We will be in touch!