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Saturday, December 06, 2008

GEORGIA On My Mind/Goodbye California



So today was the first day of our 5 day journey to Georgia from California. Our trip started off very eventful the day before we left. We were trying to save time in the morning by packing the night before and I drove into the garage for more light. The only problem with that was that we had already to attached the roof bag with stuff in it to the top of the Truck ~whoops! It didn't cause much damage but I am glad we bought a cargo net since I broke the straps off of it (Cheezy Grin). After we fixed that we noticed some thing moving around outside and the dog started to alert us of danger. So Tony grabbed the flashlight (that I kept out ~so prepared) and I ran in to see if my cat was still in the house. We thought it could be a coyote and it may have taken off with her. Yes, it was the cat and when Tony found her she was covered in thorns and her back was bowed up as high as it could get. I ran over to get her because the last time Tony grabbed her while she was in a frightened state she bit him and clawed him to pieces. I picked her up and we took her inside to find her back paws were bleeding and a few of her claws were missing. Thorns were in her ears, head, eyebrows, whiskers, her left eye, and in her nose. I had to pick them out one by one. Her mouth was bleeding as well. After we got things settled back down we thought about what could have happened. We think she saw some small critter that lives in a thorn bush and got tangled up in the thorns. She bolted away to the fence and may have gotten caught in it and possibly bit the fencing and chewed her back feet up trying to get out. At this point she is still very skittish and has eaten very little but she is traveling well. We did get a picture of her at the Grand Canyon, she kept hearing the 'call the of the wild'!She is sleeping alot and not being a pain like the dog. . . . Okay so Bailey is not a good traveler. However, this is not her first time at the rodeo. I took her to GA in the car a few years ago, so it took her a couple of hours to stop freaking out. I The baby did exceptionally well; the DVD player is a life saver! So here are some of our pics from the first day. . . .

Moving Truck

Last Denny's Breakfast in Twentynine Palms, CA

The Coolest Kids in the world!

No More Breakfast dates . . . . :(

Madi playing in the empty kitchen cabinets . ..