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Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Fall Fun. . . .

Saturday we took Madison to Riley's Farm and Oak Tree Village in Glen Oak, CA and a couple of friends joined us, Justin and Nancy. It was a fun filled day of picking pumpkins, falling in the yucky dirt, taking pictures, petting horses, throwing apples, taking more pictures, riding ponies, petting pigs, feeding all sorts of animals, jumping around, skipping all naps and even more pictures! Madison picked out her pumpkin and we let her walk around, the first thing she did after she fell in the dirt was wipe her hands on her white top! I love the power of dreft!!!! After we paid for our pumpkins, we got a bag of apples and some yummy apple cider and headed off to Oak Tree Village a little further down the road. It was our first time at OTV so we didn't know what to expect. I knew they had a petting zoo because we actually met some of the animals the night before at a Fall Festival on base. So I came home and googled them. OTV, was a cute little 14 acres of country mountain fun in beautiful hills of CA. There was so much to do for the whole family. We walked through a reptile and marsupial house, with snakes-turtles-wallabies-rabbits-lizards-more snakes, then went to ride ponies, next was a petting zoo where we got to feed some goats and sheep, then on to a bouncey wonderland. We had tickets to ride a train but were told later that it broke down that morning, oh well you can never trust trains! We were all ready to leave and started to load up the truck, but I let the battery die! I had left our cooler plugged in and since my battery is 5 years old I guess it's time to replace it. . . .we got a jump off of some fellow 29 palms ladies and we were off. I was a little embarrassed but I will know to unplug that thing in the future~that's how we learn I suppose. The day was wrapped up with a stop at Chili's for some dinner and then up the hill to our wonderful desert home. It is sooo hard to imagine that we live so close to all that greenery and bounty when we see nothing but brown all around us everyday! Mommy and Daddy were just as tired as baby when we all got home from our long day of Fall Fun. . . .enjoy the pics and I also included some from the base Fall Festival.

Riley's Farm Glen Oak

Oak Tree Village Glen Oak


Love and Miss ya'll!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Fall Fun!

I wanted to post a few slides of recent things before I get way too behind. Fall is definitely a busy time for everyone. I do have a bit of info about our next move. We are scheduling our TMO for the first week of December. Hopefully we can arrange them to pack us on December 1st. If that happens we should be able to leave CA around the 3rd or 4th. That will put us in GA around the 7th or 8th. Tony and I are going to stop in AZ at the Grand Canyon but with the baby and the pets we will see how that goes. It actually may be nice to let Madi out to walk around a bit.

Tony and I went to Big Bear Lake for Oktoberfest. We left Madi with a great sitter; I was still freaking out though. My first time overnight away from her AAAAAH! We have always enjoyed going to Helen, GA and we always wanted to go to Big Bear to see what their festival was like in comparison. I think the difference was that it was extremely cold here in CA (it even snowed the night we arrived) and it was more of a folksie event. We were able to hang out with our friends and rent a cabin. I of course thought of Madison the entire time and even though I knew her sitter was fully capable of taking care of her we would have still had a great time with her there also. She would have had a great time too because she just loves to be out and about. A little Social Butterfly!

I finally got the house decorated for Halloween and Madison helped me! First she was a little spider and then I got her poodle costume out and she had fun with that. . . .too adorable

We had a fun Friday Playgroup Picnic at our local park. We met with Peyton, Martin and Olivia for some mid morning fun. Madison wore me out running around the playground and when it was time to go she rebelled against my authority. Already giving me a run for my money! She had a great time sliding with Olivia and swinging with Martin, and of course having lunch with Peyton.

Lastly, I hope this is our last annual Twentynine Palms Pioneer Day's Parade and carnival. I thought last year would be but I know with the Marine Corps you never say "never again!" This year's parade was awesome because I knew a lot of people in it this time! Madison had a good time watching all the displays and waving at people and the honking of horns. I think this is our last PDP though ;) but we will see!


She is learning so many new words and talents it's hard to keep up with them all! Her new word is WOOOW; she hears me say it all the time. In this photo session she also is doing this thing where she puts her head on the floor and her butt in the air. This is a new trick, but I don't quite get it LOL! She is truly amazing and growing up so fast. Well I have been working on this all day and I have other stuff to get done so I better close for now, love and miss everyone!