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Sunday, September 14, 2008

So much to do and So little time

Time is one of those very elusive things these days. We have gotten through 98% of the renovations done from the flood on the inside; just a few minor details to go. Even though it was stressful of course it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The insurance finally came last week and we put the house up for sale again with a local Realtor. She seems very motivated and has a good grasp of what the market is doing in our part of town. We have had 3 cars stop to take a flyer since listing it on Friday! I am feeling pretty hopeful. No new construction with the Casino (down the street) as we were told would be, by the paper but still good activity for the buyers market. Keeping my fingers crossed! The yard looks amazing from where it was a month ago. Even better than it did a year ago really. .. I will post some pics once all the work is completed. Baby Madison has been my little trooper during this stressful business. She has been going on as if nothing has happened; her little world was not disturbed. We will pat our backs for that as parents! Poor Tony has been in a word EXHAUSTED and that is putting it mildly. He wasn't able to take any leave during the ordeal because they were short handed at work. So in his little bit of time off he has had to work at home and move furniture, boxes, cleaning, and parenting (and husbanding). It has been rough around here lately for us both! We are getting ready for a Caravan of Brokers for Tuesday and Tony will be overnighting in the field for the next three days. I have to finish unloading our storage unit by myself by Tuesday afternoon and get the house ready to show. It is CRAZY!

So Crazy in fact that I started a new business recently too; I am a glutton! Tony and I have been talking about me starting a home based business since July and I went for it. . . .I signed up with Close to my Heart as an independent consultant. I am selling paper crafting, stamping and scrapbooking products. I have a new website too: . Please feel free to stop by and check it out. Even if you don't like stuff like that I appreciate the feedback. I still have the same email for now. I will changing over my contact in the near future. I also have my first Home Gathering tomorrow night with a great friend. I am excited and ready to go! I am making a cute card project and I look forward to a little ME time. Lately that has been less and less. . . to say the least.

Okay Okay so on Labor day we took little munch to San Diego. On Saturday we all went to a Scrapbook Expo and I got to meet up with my friend Nancy. It Rocked and I got some cool new gear to play with! Baby Madison had a great time running around the hall way of the convention center; Tony was a little miserable.

We were going to go to the beach that afternoon but we didn't make it; we went to Chuck E. Cheese instead. So we got up early and went the next morning before check out of our hotel. Baby Madison had fun splashing around in the water and getting sand in every Nook, Cranny and Fold. The water was very cold but it was still a good experience. Tony said it was too cold for him but he had a good time anyway.

After checking out of the hotel we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was humid and hot but I had a great time. We all did in fact. Baby Madison had a good time seeing the "KIDDY", "MUN-KE", "FUNTS", "RAF" and "burds". She got to ride on a carousel. She had a blast going round and round. When is stopped she kicked her legs and gave the sign for MORE! I would have to say her favorite part of the whole day was the Water Park Oasis. The park had a few static display animals that were actually sprinklers. She got soaked, which was a good thing because it was a hot day. It was a perfect way to cool off our little Munchkin. We had a good day and I enjoyed the park even more than the San Diego Zoo. The only thing I could complain about were the bees; they were swarming everywhere! I don't know if the park realizes what a problem the bees actually were; they didn't have any bee traps. I was pretty worried about the baby getting stung. But we all came out safe and tired!

Well hopefully we will have big news coming in the next few weeks with the house. Until then we will just keep on moving stuff! or something like that. . . . .

Love and Miss everyone and hope to hear from you soon,
Erin Davis