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Sunday, February 11, 2007

20 weeks, half way to D-Day

Hi everyone,
We are finally out of the 1st trimester and out of the "danger zone", so to speak. I have been sick, here and there, but not like I was a few months ago. Check out my belly! Now there's a new idea of "Baby Phat", right? I am finally getting some energy again. This working full time and growing a person in me is exhausting. Tony is so excited and amazed that we are going to have a baby in few months. It will be such an adjustment to our lives, but we can't wait.
We are going on Feb. 22nd for our second ultrasound. I can't wait to see the baby again and get assured that everything is fine. Lots of people are thinking it will be a boy. Tony is hoping for a boy and I think my mom and his mom are too. I hope the baby is healthy and that I have been a good host for it! I am feeling Peanut move around now, but it took a long time because I had no idea if it was that or just my stomach settling. Which is surprising because our first ultrasound showed a very active baby. I had a check up a few weeks ago and my Dr. listened to the baby's heartbeat and it seems the baby is loving my lower left side. I will let you know how it goes on the 22nd. Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!

Love Erin and Peanut


Heidi said...

How exciting!! You're looking good Erin. How far along is Tony?

The Stormant Family said...

Wow! You don't even look like you are half way. You go girl. I'm so excited. Are you gonna share if it's a boy or a girl? Do tell.
Miss you,

The Ransburgh Family said...

AWWW! You look so cute with your little belly. Tell Tony to watch that belly of his because when you have that baby you will loose most of yours before you leave the hospital and he will be stuck with his belly. We love ya'll and we are just so excited for you both. Take care and keep us posted on the progress!

Nance said...

I still miss those prego days!