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Sunday, June 10, 2007

May Baby Shower and Nursery Pictures

I thought I would put up some pictures of the "Tres Chic" baby shower I had last month. It was alot of fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone that came. I missed the ones who weren't able to be there, like my mom of course. My friend recorded it though and I was able to send it to my mom in GA, which was the next best thing. As you can see the cake was darling with a pink poodle dog--mmm so yummy! We played the toilet paper sheets around mommies tummy game and it took 11 sheets to go around me and Madison. I don't even want to think about how many it would take to go around us now at 36 weeks! We played the nursery character game, and "Don't Say BABY" clothespin game and the funny Lapseat GAME! It was a fun day. I still have to get my Thank you notes mailed out too. . . .working on it they came out very cute!

I finally got the energy to start Nesting as well! I didn't realize the urge would be so severe. . . .and neither did Tony. Poor guy, I am sure he is glad that we finally got the nursery complete enough that I'm not nagging him to, "put this here, no I liked it better there;" "could you do it now." I am sure I was a Bear to deal with. Sorry HUNNY! He was so patient with me and he has been throughout this life changing experience. He is truly excited about being a father but by the 4th piece of baby gear and set of directions he was over being a handyman. We also found everything we buy from now on will some kind of batteries---what a scam=)! It has all been worth it though and look what we have to show for it so far. . . .Madison Sierra's Nursery is adorable! I also added in some photos of SuperDad putting together a swing/bouncer combo.

Enjoy for now and I will update again soon,
Erin and Madison

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