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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Aftermath

Well today was a day for assessing damages and playing the Insurance game. I took pictures last night and more today of the aftermath. The Master Bedroom Closets (Walk-In and Side to Side door), and Master Bath got the most damage. We do have some water damage along the back wall of the house up to the Fireplace and in Madison's Closet. As you can tell, this is just enough damage to wreak havoc on our once peaceful lives. An occurrence like this, just goes to show you how awesome God truly is. Coming back home was humbling and we were relieved that our house was still standing. We decided to stay the night here but it was hard to sleep after our terrifying ordeal. I found out today that our yard and landscaping will be fully be out of our pockets. Looks like that trip to Hawaii will have to wait; JUST KIDDING~~~~ It was not in our future plans but I thought we needed some humor at this point. A little laugh break never hurts! To make the sting a little more painful we had an appointment with a realtor to list our home today~ Murphy's Law ~ but I never saw this coming. Our house is officially off the market until repairs can be completed~ Such a bummer for us! Well anyway; here are the pics and you can see the damages. Take care and thanks for keeping us in your prayers. . ."The God's Must Be Angry", or something ~HA another joke I kill me!

Outside Landscape Damage Aftermath

Inside Flood Damges

Please forgive me if I don't get back to blogging for awhile; I am legitimately busy!

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