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Monday, August 04, 2008

When it Rains it Floods!

Well I was sitting here today enjoying the sounds of a little thunderstorm, unaware that above our house a river was raging! We live at the base of the National Park and we were aware that we bought our home in a flood zone. Tony was very Leary at the amount of rain that was falling but I was oblivious to it. I put the baby down for her afternoon nap and he came running inside to tell me that we needed to get ready to evacuate. I kind of thought he was out of his mind not knowing that the burm by house was giving way. I got ready and started to grab things we would need: Clothes~Check, Cell Phone~Check, Purse~Check, Baby~Check. He came running back in to tell me we needed to exit the back of the house, Our entire front and street were now a swift, loud raging, river. I had him cross the rising waters with Madison then I came, next he ran in to get the dog, after that each cat, one at a time. He had so much trouble with Rosie, the gray one, she bit him to peices and tore is arm up, but he managed to get her. We may end up taking him to a Dr about those bites. Maybe Brother Michael can advise him if should go or not HINT HINT! It was so loud and it reminded me of a raging rapid like back home at Buford Dam when they open the dam and let the Chattahoochee fill up. It was so terrifying. As we drove away my last thoughts were for the people in the houses below ours. I remember thinking, "I hope they got out of their homes already." Tony cut a path through our back yard all the while the waters were chasing us. We got on the main street and waded through until we hit the park center, we were covered in mud from the knee down and Tony was soaked through. I didn't have time to take many pictures of the flooding waters only with my camera phone. . .pretty good pics though for a phone. We went to a friends house for a few hours and then came back home to acess the damages.

Please do not be worried for us, we are all doing well and are very blessed by God to have each other!

That's it from the Desert~there is so much going on right now!!!

These pics are the ones from the camera phone of the waters as they were tearing through the yard

these are my dirty feet, I took them out of my mud soaked shoes EEEEEW

Thankfully we have flood insurance! I have been working on the claim since yesterday~wish us luck!

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