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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twin Day

Okay today I got to see what it would have been like to have Twins. Madison got to play with Marti Lewis today and as you can see from the pictures great mom's think a like. We did not plan on dressing them in the same outfit but I almost died when she came around the corner. It was like looking at my daughter. Marti is only a few weeks younger than Madi, she is about an inch taller, but Madi has a good 2 lbs on her. They have the same color hair and when they wear the same clothes it is hard to tell them apart. I even got them to take a nap today in the same room at the same time; Madi's first sleep over LOL!!!

Marti is welcome any time Anne. Madison and Lizzy had soo much fun!


Nance said...

So, do you want twins in the future? LOL!!

Erin Davis said...

Uh, I will have to cross that bridge if when I get to it. It would make life very very interesting!