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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oatman, CA and Grand Canyon, AZ . . .

When we left Twentynine Palms we headed to the Grand Canyon. It was about a 6 hour drive and not too far out of our way to Flagstaff, Arizona. We had the Navigation System set on shortest distance so it took us on Historic Route 66. It was really neat to see some towns that we would never even have known existed if we didn't make that mistake. Like this little mountain town in California named Oatman. It was like being in the N.GA mountains but with donkeys running around in the streets. The locals had decorated some of the bushes on the side of the road with different themes for Christmas. I didn't get a pic of them though because I was driving and Tony didn't think it was worth wasting his time. However the donkeys were worth a stop to snap a pic of. . . We enjoyed the scenic route through the canyons there too. It was majestic and pituresque definitely on a road not well traveled but well maintained.

This guy was just hanging out off of Route 66 before we got to Oatman~thought to ourselves now that's a bull!

Back view from the one street town

Madison and Bailey thought the donkey's were dogs. Madi was saying goggie and Bailey was growling at them!View from the canyon off Route 66 past East of Oatman~high up in the mountain. . . .

Are we there yet?

will keep you updated as I get more time. Our days are long and nights are too short to get much blogging done. I wish I had wireless internet for the car ride HA! But with the damage I have done to the radio I am just lucky to get music sometimes as it is!!!! Oh I didn't mention I think I damaged the radio when I ran the roof bag into the garage door. . .Whoopsie! I know I put a huge dent in the roof of my car~Did I do that?

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Nance said...

It feels like your just going on vacation... I can't believe your gone!!!! Drive safe and have fun on your way to your new life... miss ya girl.