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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

NM, TX, to Shawnee, OK

Long Long way from CA to GA. I mean really long. Tony and I were going to attempt a trip to Graceland when we got to Memphis but our cat was not doing well. So I decided that Graceland would always be there; we only excursion would be nice to break up the long days. Anyway back to the cat, she wasn't eating or drinking much and we noticed this horrible odor coming from her mouth. Everytime she 'meowed' we wanted to vomit. I tried to look at her mouth but she wouldn't let me get near it. I thought she may have had some sticker bush prickles in her mouth from her weird attack on Thursday before we left. I spoke to her Vet in Twentynine Palms and he advised we get her seen as soon as we can. She didn't act very sick and was walking around and not being lethargic the only thing I noticed that was odd, was she wasn't purring when you pet her or touch her. So I knew she wasn't feeling well. I tried to get some pictures of the gas prices and interesting things we saw along the way. Some things were impossible as we were attempting our own version of "Cannon Ball Run" across the Southlands!

Beginning of Day 2

Welcome to NM!
Beautiful Plateaus or are these Mesa's?

One cool Kid

Tony and Madison in Santa Rosa, NM

Madi and Mommy in Santa Rosa, NM

Welcome to TX

The Big Texan

Gas Prices so far on the trip were the cheapest in TX.

These donkeys were at a gas station and were worth a picture. . . I am sorry I had to do like a weeks worth of laundry and I will update the rest of the trip and happenings tomorrow I promise! ~~~~~~Okay well that didn't happen. I apologize for making promises that I didn't keep. I hope you can understand how busy I truly have been. I have decided to "fix" this last post and then start where I left off. I will do it in order as best I can and fill in most of the gaps.

Need I say more?

Oklahoma prices got higher

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