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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rosie's visit to the Vet

So I woke the next morning and took my kitty to see a vet in Marble Hill, GA . My In-Laws have taken their dogs to her. I dropped her off to be sedated so she could see inside her mouth to see if my prognosis was right. . . Routine right~not so much! She called me back and told me the kitty had a broken mandible (ripped in half), an exposed jaw bone (inside her mouth) and the really bad odor was from two scabs under eyes that were filled with gunk~ she was sure she had cancer and needed to be put down. She said she could refer me to an oral veternarian surgeon (ca-ching ca-ching ca-ching). But if money was an issue I could call her back within 15 mins to have the cat put down. DEVASTATION doesn't even describe how I felt! I couldn't even comprehend all that was wrong with her to relay it to Tony. He assured me that we would be getting the Expensive 2nd Opinion. I just was beside myself thinking I drug this sick kitty across the country over 5 days in all that pain and even took her out at the Grand Canyon. I felt so guilty and defeated. I called her vet the next day in 29 Palms and asked them about her again. I was not reassured that she was okay. The Vet Tech said Cancer can show up at age 5 in cats and if it was in the mouth or that area that it was not going to be a good outcome. I cried for two days about my kitty. I picked her up from the Vet in Marble Hill and drove another hour away to the specialist. I got there and they didn't have my appointment in the books. I just about had a nervous breakdown, my kitty needed to be seen. So the receptionists got it all straight with the oral surgeon and it was just a misunderstanding. She had been expecting me and the information was misinterrepted by the MH Vet's office. To wrap up this unpleasant post~she called me after sedating Rosie and confirmed the broken mandible, the exposed jaw bone and discovered a chipped tooth! The best news of all ~the cat did not have cancer and she even cleaned her teeth while she was out. I could come and pick her up in a few hours. It gets even better she called me back 15 minutes later having discovered the gunk the other vet thought could be cancer was from two puncture wounds under each of Rosie's eyes. The mystery of what happened to her was solved~ she had been in a cat fight the night before we left. So this poor kitty is now on the mend. She has stitches in her mouth, under both eyes, a pulled tooth, and a wire to hold her jaw together while it heals. It will stay on for 6 weeks and the stitches will just dissolve on their own. What a night mare and now she is doing well. I was so relieved and even Tony is being nice to her. He is not a cat fan but now that we have such an expensive one he is making more of an effort! He is calling her his "Little Bruiser". I got my Christmas Wish early and now that my entire family (including 4 legged beasties) are all safe and healthy my list is satisfied~Thanks Santa and Glory Be to God!

****WARNING The Slide Show is a little SCARY for young kids and squeamish People!********

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