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Saturday, December 20, 2008

TN, MS, AL to GA~Finally the Roadtrip Ends!

I know many of you do not like the slide show but it is easier for me. I can only upload 5 pics at a time with the photo feature on this site and takes forever. Another peeve of mine is the pictures always add to the very beginning of my post and it's not easy to move them around within my text. So, please bare with me until I can learn another way. If you have trouble viewing my slide show please let me know.. ..

On to this installment:

We left TN in the pouring down rain. I had to put the cat under my jacket to bring her out side. She still had not eaten anything but I was not that concerned at this point. I was actually feeling better because she was drinking water. I felt like she could have a little motion sickness and just didn't want to eat. After we all loaded up we headed out to the Land of Loved Ones! We filled up the tank ~check out that gas price~. Our Navigation system took us on a cool little detour, again, through a small town in AL we fondly refer to as "BINGO! Every quarter mile the entire town was having a "charity bingo". Tony and I laughed and pointed at the parlors and shouted Bingo! We tried to see who could spot the most Bingo Halls but we lost track of who won. I just can not understand how the entire town could afford to have so many games going at once. . . .must have been some very wealthy people that over see the town LOL! Madi took an early nap and then it was water works just before we stopped for lunch. We ate at our first Wendy's in Birmingham, AL, since leaving CA. A lady, with a heavy Russian accent, in the restaurant talked to us and she was quite taken with Madi. She asked what her name was and I told her. All of a sudden she (the lady) got excited and remarked, "that it was just like the girl, who lived in ocean and the boy loved her and she became human." ~If you are thinking Ariel, so did I. We were nice but brought the conversation to a close. We were close to Atlanta and we had to get back on the road. My spirits soared when we saw those beautiful red and black trucks; I knew I was really close! QWQ ~Baby! We got to the GA State Visitor's Center just before rush hour and that would put us going through Downtown on the tail end. Timed just right, we left the baby out to stretch her legs and called our parents to let them know we were close. . .We stopped at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Monterrey's! After a delicious meal to end our 5 day road trip saga we made it to my Mom and Dad's to finally relax. . . .

The Pictures of us at Monterrey's were taken by Tony's phone so they came out a little fuzzy! But the food was so good. Definitely worth waiting for.

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